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Pouch to hold EpiPens®

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Like all our products, which have been carefully selected to support the different stages of an allergic child’s needs, this adrenaline holder is just brilliant for the active lifestyle. While the original medicine bag is still purposeful when one needs to carry additional EpiPen® and supplies, I believe this pouch is the best carrier for EpiPens® I have come across for school.

Brilliant for active people needing to carry medication because it is:

  • COMPACT AND DISCRETE – no more visible bag
  • Made of STRETCHY material similar to that of a bathing suit, this pouch can expand to fit multiple EpiPens® and an action plan or an EpiPen®, an action plan and a small bottle of antihistamine or a phone, an action plan and an EpiPen® etc.
  • DOES NOT BOUNCE, RIDE OR SLIP – when your child runs, climbs or plays sport this pouch does not move. A comfortable adjustable elastic waist band and solid clip helps to ensure the perfect fit. Your child can spend time being a kid and not spend time holding their medicine bag as they run!
  • A SLEEK pouch, not a bum bag


Adjustable Elastic Belt:
Kids Size fits 18" to 26" (recommended for under 7)
Original Size fits 25" to 50"(recommended for 7 and up)
Extended Pocket fits 25" to 50" (7 to adult) Will fit larger phones, EpiPen®, medication and an action plan.

Belt is worn around your waist and can be positioned on your front, side or on your lower back, whatever is most comfortable for you.

This pouch let’s your child spend time being a child, not spend time holding their medicine bag from bouncing about as they play!

Please note: this pouch does not include any customisation/embroidery. EpiPen® is a registered trademark of Mylan Inc. Mylan Inc. does not sponsor or endorse the products referenced on this web page.

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