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Digger (CUSTOMISE me! Toddler)

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Is your little one’s tummy a restricted area? Why not select this cute embroidered digger graphic which features a fun yet direct message to warn people not to offer food.

“Restricted Area (YOUR ALLERGEN) Keep Out.

You can customise this design by replacing the word “Food”, as shown in the photo, with your specific food or allergen(s). For example, if your child is allergic to nuts, simply type “nuts” in the text field below and we will redesign the shirt to read “Restricted Area Nuts Keep Out.” Due to the limited space of this particular design we suggest no more than 2 allergens be listed.

Products displayed in the following PHOTOGRAPHS are SAMPLES. Keep reading to find out how you can customise this product to suit your needs.

For added protection when your child is sitting at a table or playing on the floor “Food Allergy Alert” is embroidered on the back and on the front. This is a standard feature on all our t-shirts, however if you’d like it removed please type in “remove allergy alert on front and back” in the text box below.

All embroidered designs are lined on the inside with a soft mesh for added comfort.

To Customise…

  1. Use the drop down menu to select short or long sleeved t-shirt, size and colours.
  2. Type in the box below YOUR allergens/food items you’d like embroidered on your shirt.

REMEMBER: If your child does not suffer from food allergies and you’d like this warning removed please type “remove Food Allergy Alert” in the text box below, otherwise it will be included on the front and back. Also don’t forget to write the food items you would like us to include in our catchy message.

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