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Create-Your-Own T (Text Only)Toddler

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Is there a message you want to share with people about your child’s health when you’re not there? Are you having trouble finding a quality embroidered t-shirt that says exactly what YOU want it to say?

The “Create-Your-Own” range allows you to design a message or slogan to suit your needs. Remember to keep it short and simple to make it effective. Space limitations apply and embroidery may appear on more than one line. We will contact you if we’re unable to fit your request. Happy designing!

Suggested ideas:

Don’t Feed Me Ask Mummy First,

Some Food Hurts Me,

Dairy & Nut – Free Girl/Boy,

Egg & Wheat Free that’s Me!,

Feed Me With Care, I have food allergies!,

I’M ALLERGIC to (list allergens) Don’t Feed Me (as shown in the photograph).

Write in the text box below the text message you would like us to embroider on your t-shirt and the colour of thread you’d like us to use.

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