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Links of Allergy Interest

Finding information related to your child’s allergy can be difficult, so we’ve put together a list of allergy related links that may help you out. If you would like to add your site to our list, please contact us.

Not for profit organisation for people who suffer from Allergies. A lifeline!

Royal Prince Alfred Allergic Clinicallergen free shopping guide

An extensive range of nut free products, but also manufactures a chocolate bar which is ‘nut, egg, dairy and gluten free’ (perfect for baking and melting into moulds!)

Allergic Living (Canada)
A thorough website with interesting facts and information regarding allergies.

Avoiding Milk
A helpful website with heaps of information for allergy sufferers.

A complete directory featuring allergy products.

Comfortable, effective allergen barrier bedding covers. Essential protection from House Dust Mite allergen. Made in NZ.

Acne treatments: Emerging therapies for clearer skin | Acne Skin Care Treatments
Acne occurs when several oil gland follicles become clogged with sebum, dead skin cells, and bacteria.

Bright Star
Looking for Allergy Labels? Choose from a great range of cute and colourful allergy alert vinyl name labels.

Carries educational products, such as flash cards, to empower children and provide the tools necessary for child care providers to become better advocates for children with food allergies.

Let’s Party! Additive FreeBuy Online
Is a guide to creating an additive free birthday party and contains introductory information about additives found in party food, fun ideas for party games, decorations, take home treats and great tasty recipes. The 96 page colour book is illustrated with beautiful colour photographs throughout. Designed with busy mums in mind, to help them create their own additive free birthday party by getting back to basics and having good wholesome fun – the parties we used to have as kids. Upon visiting the website you will find additional recipes, games and articles plus the opportunity to subscribe to the free monthly newsletter.


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