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Multiple Allergies & Intolerances

Multiple food allergies and intolerances are very common in children under the age of 5. The most common allergy combination seems to be dairy, egg and nuts. This is a tremendous challenge for families needing to eliminate multiple things from their diet and requires constant care when it comes to meal time. It is reported that most children after the age of 5 tend to outgrow one or more of their allergies, like dairy and often keep their nut allergy.

Does your child or the child in your care need to avoid many foods? Are you having trouble finding an allergy shirt that lists everything YOU want it to say? Then our customised products are perfect for you!

All our products are made to order, which means we embroider exactly what YOU need. Our customised products allows your little one to choose their favourite graphic, you get to choose a catchy phrase or ‘create-your-own’ message to share with others about your child’s special dietary requirements. You can even tell us what colours to embroider in.

Keep in mind all embroidered products photographed are samples.