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Dairy Allergy

In Australia and New Zealand 1 in 50 babies are allergic to cow’s milk and dairy products. Although most children out-grow cow’s milk allergy by the age of 4 years, persistent cow’s milk allergy may sometimes occur.

If your child or the child in your care need to avoid dairy why not give them added protection by using one of our products. Our products aim to alert others of the possible dangers drinking milk or consuming dairy products can have on your allergic or food sensitive child.

All our products are made to order, which means we embroider exactly what YOU need. Our customized products allows your little one to choose their favourite graphic, you get to choose a catchy phrase or ‘create-your-own’ message to state your child’s special dietary requirements. You can even tell us what colours to embroider in.

Keep in mind photographs below are samples giving you some idea of what we can make up for you. But remember to check out our full product line under “products” because everything can be embroidered to state your child can’t have dairy.