Medicine Bags

These stylish, durable and quality bags are the perfect accessory for anyone needing to carry various medications and wants their hands free.

A FANTASTIC NEW FEATURE includes a slot on the back to put your business card/emergency contact number and a photo of your child for quick and easy identification!

Perfect for personal use for asthma or allergy sufferers or even for schools to use as a first aid bag on the playground, while on excursions or at various athletic carnivals.

Bag Features…

  • Large front panel to embroider YOUR individual message in a bright colour for high visibility
  • Black and grey panels to give a stylish look
  • Adjustable belt, best fits adults around waist, smallest 73cm circumference
  • Elastic band to hold excess belt
  • Small compartment on the back to hold emergency phone number, business card or photo
  • Quality zipper
  • Large top flap for quick and easy access to medication
  • Durable clasp allowing you the options to hang on a hook, wear over your shoulder, across your chest or around your waist
  • Plenty of room inside the bag to hold various types of medication.
  • A second zippered compartment to put flat items such as anaphylaxis or asthma action plans
  • Most importantly YOUR CHILD’S NAME or A PERSONAL MESSAGE EMBROIDERED on the bag ensuring it will never rub or fall off.*
  • Customised embroidery available on the front only (a short message)

“When choosing a carry case make sure you select a medical bag that will not be mistaken for a pencil case and is clearly labeled with the person’s name and an emergency contact number for quick and easy identification.”

Size: approx. 28cm long, 9 cm wide, 15cm high
Available in: black/grey